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Rending- Noragami

This anime among other philosophical aspects causes one to think of the value of life and in some ways answered a very important question. What is the most expensive and valuable thing a human can ever posses. the answer is simple after watching norigami. The answer is : “A future”. The progression of the show continuous to even display the significance of something as simplistic as a simple memory.


Protagonists of Noragami

Norgami is not perfectly executed as the show struggles at times with its half hearted attempts at humour. It then uses these scenes to transition into it’s more comfortable action sequences. It is a competent but not mind blowing in the action department. Sword battles with strong spirits are impressive and the fights always give the viewer a good indication of the usually high stakes. The fights however do lack scale and imagination when compared to other shows in this genre.

Character development is good and varied with all three protagonists getting reasonable screen time while pushing the plot forward. The plot itself was not very significant however it did provide meaningful entertainment. The story does a good job of indicating the mechanics of the universe with each shiki and each god presented in a way which follow the rules.

Noragami is an interesting adaptation of eastern religious culture. It is mind blowing on a metaphysical level but merely adequate at face value. Comment has to be made on the music of this series. It is wholly spectacular, the off kilter dissonant sounding oriental music juxtaposed with the fast action makes for an interesting experience. The odd music also seems in  alignment with the personality of Yato, God of Calamity ; the main protagonist.

Yato; God of calamity

This show is a must watch. If you liked this, other recommendations include

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