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The Perfect Drift- Initial D legend 1:- Awakening

In the 90s and early 2000s the initial d franchise was very popular; it still hold significance to this day. Drifting on a global scale has however seen a decline in popularity and the show itself in later stages puts less emphasis on the drifting. This film is a reboot and thus goes back to the core principles which made initial D popular.

Takumi as a protagonist is very effective as he seems ignorant about cars allowing for viewers in the same predicament to learn as he does. This is maintained from the original franchise. The supporting characters primarily from the akina speed stars educate both the viewers and Takumi as the show progresses.

The primary advantage of this reboot is the updated animation. The animation quality exceeds that of even final stage. It is top class. The CGI for the vehicles are at their best.When in the hill battles many of the styling from the manga is maintained giving the races an edgier look in comparison to other stages of initial d.

86 in mid drift



One major dissatisfaction i had with this reboot is the modification of the music. The original franchise had very memorable euro beat soundtracks that started playing as amazing displays of car handling occurred on screen. This is replaced by Japanese rock music with a very western sound in this reboot. The music is dull and does nothing to contribute to the amazing action.

This show was spectacular in many ways with its biggest fault being that it wasn’t longer with more of the same. There is a secondĀ Legend film however concluding the story of the red suns.