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Surrogate entertainment – Space Dandy

Critics have continuously compared this Madhouse series to Cowboy bebop. On the surface, the reason for doing so is obvious. It has a crew of individuals in space operating effectively as bounty hunters. The context behind the story telling is similar but the series are nothing alike beyond that. Cowboy bebop is a detail oriented view into a realistic future. The themes are heavy and the plot usually serious. Space dandy at its core is supposed to be a comedy. It too however has very serious undertones.

Space Dandy cast


I do not have a strong negative or positive opinion on space dandy. The reason for this is that the show is not meant to be taken seriously. It abandons the usual significance of a plot driven anime to take a more western episodic cartoon approach to story telling. Cowboy bebop does this as well to some degree however Space dandy takes it a step further by illuminating continuity all together, There are several situations where dandy’s crew is killed at the end of an episode or their actions present irreversible consequences to the universe that is simply erased for the initiation of the next episode.

Worm Hole


This format hurt the story telling of space dandy in my opinion. Each episode attempts an ambition narrative but never truly feels like it reaches maximum potential due to time constraints. At times the endings are abrupt and half baked. I do however appreciate the continuous foray into existentialism and being “Dandy”. ¬†I did not particularly enjoy watching this show but was compelled to watch every episode as each one offered a different experience.