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Time Dialation – Gun Buster & Interstellar

Gun Buster is an anime OVA  released in 1988 while interstellar is a movie which was released in 2014. These two dissimilar releases are very close in content. The only two media releases I’ve seen which covers the social and physical effects of space time travel.

A Buster Machine

Both series introduce a very interesting concept now becoming popular in modern physics; Time dilation. This concept extends from relativity such that time dilation is an actual difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving relative to each other or differently situated from gravitational masses. This means that what may be perceived as a few minutes far away in space could be many years on earth.

Gun Buster is an anime which is popular for being one of the benchmarks for the space-mecha type of anime. It quite literally introduced bouncing cleavage in space to the anime community. It can be also viewed as the prototype for the later Evangelion series as it introduces many of the themes, concepts and environments that Evangelion later develops. The most interesting thing about this anime for me however was the futuristic approach it took in integrating realistic theoretical science into the progression of the series. The time dilation created very interesting and griping scenarios in the show. This is the primary reason for this anime being relevant now despite it’s age.

Noriko training to be a pilot

Similarly, the science incorporated into interstellar’s narrative makes for a gripping and believable display of fiction. The visuals are exceptional and the soundtrack is engaging. The acting is superb and the logical progression of the story is well crafted. Interstellar like Gun Buster heavily incorporates the concept of time dilation.

Space travel in interstellar

In both shows, the astronauts were aware of the consequences of their space travel and the ramifications were observed as great costs were paid. Time is seen directly as a quantifiable resource; not to be wasted. This fact is primarily why the concept appeals to me.