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Rage of bahamut-Why isnt this show more popular?

So i started watching the Rage of Bahamut and was greeted by some amazing animation. I thought ” this is some ufotable level animation”. The show then explodes into a running sword-fight like something observable in the pirates of the Caribbean series. The first thing that crosses my mind at this point is “Why isn’t this show more popular?”. This discourse will not seek to answer that question but instead present the case for why it should be so.

This is one of those high octane travel anime that rarely slows down. The highlight is undoubtedly the animation which is emphasized as the show contrasts angels and demons. Unfortunately the show suffers from the use of the angel and demon premise. The show gets “bogged down” as it attempts to take the focus away from our adventurers personal struggles and more towards the angels and demons conflicts. I guess i found out why it’s not more popular.

I had more to say about this show but those are the two main defining characteristics making it great but not amazing. Watch rage of Bahamut if only for the animation. you wont regret it.

You can watch it here:Watch now