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Holy Crap; Tokyo Ghoul is back.

So this week marked the release of the second season of the popular anime Tokyo ghoul; Tokyo ghoul root A. This first episode release can only be described as a master class in action and sets the stage for what could be a legendary display of action driven story telling. There are so many issues being resolved in this series opener. It creates as many as it resolves however.

Extreme Spoilers start here: content may be damaging to your viewing experience if you have not completed season 1 of the anime.

‘The One-Eyed King’ lands in the midst of the CCG attack on Aogiri Tree . His intentions and his affiliations are not made clear but his power is made immediately evident. CCG decide to attack him, reducing their numbers to ensure minimum losses. Even with their best soldiers and prototype overpowered Quinxes they are well beaten however the king spares their life hinting at deeper events yet to unfold in the plot line.

Meanwhile Ayato and Touka are locked into an extremely one sided battle resulting in Touka’s kagune being eaten rendering her unable to battle. Based on Ayato’s dialogue during and after the fight, it is hinted that there is greater depth to his character and actions than previously perceived.

Ayato in battle

Kaneki rises from his torture chamber donning black nails and white hair. A clear physical change to indicate other changes which have occurred in the state of the character. He then proceeds to display his power by rescuing Touka from complete destruction. He then proceeds to destroy the anime community by conducting an about turn and joining Aogiri Tree.

Link: http://kissanime.com/Anime/Tokyo-Ghoul-A

White haired Kaneki