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So why is it that i don’t like the classic thriller anime?

Every now and again an amazing idea pops into my head; i think “i can write this and share it with the world. I never do. Not this time however. I sit here watching the Olympics men’s 400M hurdles semifinals while figuring out what anime i want to watch next. I’m in the mood for a nice thriller so i go and watch some “top 10 best thriller anime” videos. These videos are informative but there’s one problem; I’ve seen these anime already, i enjoyed most of them but only made it half way with others.

I enjoyed “Steins Gate”, “Death Note”, “Future Diary” and others however there are some thriller anime regarded as classics which i was unable to appreciate. I attempted to watch “Monster” and “Psycho Pass” and found myself unable to progress beyond about half way. So why is it that i don’t like the classic thriller anime?


So why didn’t i like them?

Monster has a very off putting aura about it. I know that its supposed to be like that but it still makes the show difficult to watch. The direction of the plot was difficult to follow and the characters at times seemed uninteresting.Psycho pass seemed as acceptable as any average anime, it started reasonable well but in my opinion did not do enough in the early to middle stages of the anime to hold my interest. When i was younger and more patient i would have watched these showed to completion however nowadays my time is much more valuable to me and cannot be wasted. I’ve heard of the 3 episode test or even the five episode test. I truly believe however that one episode should be enough to determine if you truly want to to watch an anime.

With all of that in mind there’s still that feeling you get when turning away from a popular series; “Why dont i enjoy this as others do?”, “have i missed out on something great?” etc. Maybe one day i will revisit these anime and maybe i’ll enjoy it that time.