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Epic so far- Parasyte -the maxim

Kiseijū Sei no Kakuritsu is the latest anime release by prolific studio Mad House. As of writing this post, the series has reached episode 16 in it’s serialisation. the story follows Shinichi and Migi who form a commensalistic relationship due to Mfailed attempt as a parasite to take over Shinichi’s brain. Migi became restricted to the right hand of Shinichi.

Shinichi and Migi

This series makes clear attempt to show where excels from the early episodes. This is mostly in tactical combat. Due to the unique situation between Migi and shinichi, they have unique advantages and disadvantages in combat against other parasites. The show compounds these complexities by presenting an ever changing relationship between the two and also among the parasites.

The show rewards the more episodes you view as each one builds on the plot and mechanics of the last. The action may seem strange at first as this free form and unstable combat of the parasites is unusual and hard to interpret in the early stages.

Strange combat


Another thing the show does well is to depict change. It does this on metaphysical, personal and evolutionary levels. The parasites do not understand their own purpose or existence and adapt continuously to survive and obtain stability. Shinichi and Migi have both become a unique life form and as such they learn and adapt in each episode with each becoming more like the  other.

Shinichi and Migi later in the series


The reoccurring characters in the show generally don’t get massive amounts of screen time but they are interesting and help with the immersion of the viewer. This show is well executed so far and i eagerly await the finale.