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Konosuba is the formula to escape RE:Zero depression

I went into the show fresh off the end of watching RE:Zero. That’s a tough act to follow especially considering the fact that i was slightly depressed at the prospect of waiting a whole year or more fore more RE:Zero content.

Konosuba didn’t grab me at first but slowly i realised it was exactly the show i needed to watch now. On the outside it looks similar to RE:Zero . The protagonist is a Japanese otaku that gets teleport-ed to another realm to partake in an amazing adventure surrounded by great potential Waifus. The similarities end here however.

Konosuba is the cure for RE:Zero depression:

The way konosuba handled the narrative was completely different . The anime is genuinely funny but not too deep. The characters are likeable but mostly feel real. The tone for the show is always one of light hearted joy. I appreciated this after escaping the absolute torment of RE:Zero

What i found most interesting too is that none of the large quantity of female protagonists became a love interest for Kazuma  ( Our otaku protagonist). Instead they form functional relationships with no forced romance. I really appreciated that too.

The two greatest criticism of the show is that it was way too short and the time skips were a bit harsh. I don’t feel cheated as those meagre 10 episodes covered lots of character development. It also covered lots of world building. The time skips however seemed to skip the introduction of important characters. they had me going back to check if i skipped an episode. I Found this  to be  very disconcerting.

Konosuba almost comes of as a slice of live anime in terms of the tone. There however is an overarching plot which i hope to see more of in the future. More jokes and more joy ahead hopefully.