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Watch Steven Universe Season 2

Watch Steven Universe Season 2; The series is set in the fictional Beach City on the Delmarva Peninsula[5] on the American East Coast, where the Crystal Gems live in an ancient beach side temple, protecting humanity from monsters and other threats. Ageless alien warriors, they project feminine humanoid forms from magical gemstones that are the core of their being. The Crystal Gems are Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven, a young half-human, half-Gem boy who inherited his gemstone from his mother, the Crystal Gems’ past leader Rose Quartz. As Steven tries to figure out his gradually expanding range of powers, he spends his days with his human father Greg, his friend Connie, the other people in Beach City, or the Gems. He explores the abilities passed down to him by his mother, which include fusion—the ability of Gems to merge their bodies and abilities to form new and more powerful personalities.
Peridot is forced to ally with the Crystal Gems to prevent Earth’s destruction by a Gem abomination growing in the planet’s core.

Watch Steven Universe Season 2 Episodes

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Re-up – Durarara!!x2

I wasn’t even aware that a sequel was under creation. Durarara!! x2 was a pleasant surprise for me. The original series was not a total adaptation of the light novel source material but the series felt like it had moved towards completion with all major plot points in the first run of the show being resolved back in 2011.

Some of the show’s massive cast


Durarara!! for me always had a confusing cast with numerous characters of varying significance. The cast at times seems diluted; so much so that at the beginning of this season i could not remember all the characters thrown across the screen within the short runtime of the show. The character which always had significance for me however was Celty, the headless rider. Her character ark is what makes the show so entertaining as this mythical creature is continuously thrust into unexpected situations with often charming reactions. Also her ghost phone and bike are in need of mention. On the merit of this Character alone Durarara!! is a must watch.



LINK: http://kissanime.com/Anime/Durarara-x2-Shou