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Cross Ange – Musical Action

I didn’t expect much from ¬†this anime, i initially started watching it due to my high expectations on this shows ecchi content. In that area it did deliver, however it delivered way more than i expected in other areas. The character development was great and the plot had a lot of surprises. It reminded me of a Gundam series in the way each para-mail/Ragna-mail pilot switches side based on their own personal motivations.

The biggest surprise however was the music and the way cross ange used it. The Ragna-mail have abilities which are unlocked through song . So often times during Cross Ange battles; as the battles reach their climax, the Ragna-Mail pilot breaks out into an amazing tune to deliver a huge blow to the opposition. This is a unique battle format and engages all the senses of the viewer. Ange’s Song is called Eternal Story and it’s amazing

Listen Here: Cross Ange battle music

Another highlight of this series is the strength of the antagonist. Though the primary antagonist isn’t revealed until later in the series; he is GOD. The God of Ange’s universe. So the series is spent battling dragons and Gods in Mech suits with music; and it has copious amounts of ecchi. It is as good as it sounds.

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Through the development of groundbreaking information transfer and material generation technology called “Mana”, various problems, such as pollution and war have disappeared, and days of peace have arrived in the world. However, the people who receive the benefit of the Mana live in a false peace. Those who cannot use the Mana, named with the derogatory term “Norma”, which are seen as an opposition to structures of society, live in oppression. Because this is the norm, the people who use Mana do not question it. The first princess of the Misurugi Empire, Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi, was convinced of the belief of exterminating the Norma. But when she turned 16, and she was baptised, her elder brother, Julio, exposed her as a Norma to the public. Angelise, who is bewildered by the revelation that she herself was a Norma all along, turns into a target of hate of the people in the blink of an eye. Ange is exiled to Arzenal, and then starts her new life as a soldier Norma. As she struggles to adjust to her new identity, Ange’s now stormy life takes one surprising turn after another and she embarks on her quest to correct the world she lives in.


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