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Ridiculous – AldNoah Zero second season

Aldnoah’s first season ended leaving me in pure horror. With 3 main characters believed to be dead and the major supporting characters in serious danger.I did not enjoy this shock ending but it was the curiosity of wanting to see how the writers would resolve the ridiculous ending that brought me to AldNoah season 2.

Slaine in a fit of madness

I found it very comical how the writers attempted to craft a continuation for this story on such shaky foundation. The three individuals which the audience observed to be shot in vital areas all miraculously survived. Asseylum Vers Allusia seems to be in some form of stasis as the season initiates. Inaho rejoins regular battle with his new bionic eye.

Inaho’s bionic eye


Some viewers of this show have complained that Inaho is overpowered as he seems to have an intellect superior to anyone in the universe. The inclusion of his bionic eye seems to even further amplify this effect. In the first season of the show, it took the team  3 epsiodes to neutralize the first martian Kataphrakt they encountered. Inaho destroys a Kataphrakt in about 5 minutes in the season opener this time around. The scale of his superiority is ridiculous. This show would benefit greatly from a balancing character with similar intellect on the martian side. Similar to how L was introduced in death note to balance light’s clear superiority.

Inaho’s Kataphrakt